Beati Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Beati Medical Aesthetic Clinic

At Beati Medical Aesthetic Clinic our heart is to bless. We want to bring our patients the most advanced skincare and aesthetic care we can offer…inside & out. We are always up to date with new treatment guidelines in the industry. Our doctors and somatologist (skincare therapist) are experienced and has an artistic eye to give you your best results. “Beati” is a Latin word that means “blessed persons” or to be a blessing or bringing happiness. And this is our heart.

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Aesthetic Procedures

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin
Toxin injections are used for fine lines and wrinkles. It is mainly indicated for use in the upper face at frown lines, the forehead and..

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler
Dermal fillers are mainly used to enhance the lower face. It addresses volume loss that is the main factor in the ageing process.


Biostimulators-Harmonyca and Sculptra

Injected into a specific area at the side of the face, cheek & jawline to stimulate collagen.

Thread Lifting

PDO Thread lifting
Innovative non-surgical face rejuvenation, PDO Thread Lifting is a treatment which lifts and tightens sagging skin tissue


Skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation

The BTL Exilis is a monopolar-radiofrequency device that offers an FDA approved skin tightening and fat reduction..

Cellulite reduction

Cellulite reduction
Cellulite reduction and skin tightening treatment, the BTL X-Wave works with acoustic wave pulses, causing..

Ultra Femme 360

Ulta Femme 360 – A non-invasive radiofrequency procedure for the treatment of vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used to treat dull complexion, sun-damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and hyperpigmentation.

PRP- skin needling

PRP Vampire needling aka Vampire Facial

PRP is Plasma rich platelets. This is a skin needling technique where we draw the patient’s blood and use a medical device to separate the red blood cells from the plasma.

Micro Needling

Skin Needling or Micro Needling

Skin needling technology uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin with an automatic vibrating function. When moved across the skin’s surface it stimulates natural..


A technique that removes “peach fuzz” and gently exfoliates the skin.

BEATI BLISS treatment

Beati Bliss signature treatment

Our signature skin booster treatment for face and neck including skin needling..

Weight loss

Slender Wonder Weight Loss

Slender Wonder

Slender Wonder is a Medical Weight Loss Programme that treats the cause of overweight and obesity, and not just the symptom


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